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Inverse Psoriasis Flare

So, if you hang around people with a chronic illness, sooner or later you will hear the word “flare.” Basically a flare is the onset symptoms. Sometimes, it can resolve quickly. Sometimes, it lasts for a while. Today started with a severe IBS episode which lasted for hours. Of course, exhaustion sets in after that.… Continue reading Inverse Psoriasis Flare

Milestone Achieved!

There is something magical about saying I have released 75 pounds. I have been glowing all day. It has been very hard at times, but I have done this. To be honest, I have not done this alone. I have an amazing support network of friends and family who have been supporting me and encouraging… Continue reading Milestone Achieved!

Finding me…

I was talking to a friend this weekend. He remarked on my weight loss and also how happier I seem. I smiled and said that for the first time in about a decade, I feel like me. I do. I feel like Lisa. But I also kinda don’t know who I am as well. It… Continue reading Finding me…

Weekly Check-in 10.10.20

Yay! for Caturdays! I am feeling great, fantastic, amazing, and incredible. I am really excited about my life, where I am, and where I am going. I released 1.1 pounds this week.Start Weight: 323 poundsCurrent Weight: 250.1 poundsGoal Weight: 150-155 pounds I had so many NSV (non-scale victories) this week. I realized how my quality… Continue reading Weekly Check-in 10.10.20

Quality of Life

I will be honest. Since I moved home from Virginia in 2011, life has been a struggle. There have been many wonderful moments and some healthy times, but there was always pain, an all-over, sometimes debilitating pain. There was a point when I was on a cane and could not stand for more than a… Continue reading Quality of Life

In a Good Place

I always dread when people say, “You must feel so much better having lost 70 pounds!” (Okay 69.5) I would have to lie and say that I do. I didn’t. While I could get between cars in a parking lot, bend over and tie my shoes, I didn’t feel better. I hurt—every joint. My whole… Continue reading In a Good Place

9.26.2020 Check-in

Wow! What a week! While the weight loss isn’t there. I am up half a pound from last week. The weight ride was a roller coaster. I went down, went up. And here I am. I remain under my previous goal of 261. I am still moving in the right direction, and am 66.4 pounds… Continue reading 9.26.2020 Check-in


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