6.6.2021 Check-in and Musings

6.6.2021 243.4 lbs

Two weeks ago, I was down to 237. Then I overdid life on Memorial Day weekend. I pushed myself into a flare and BAM 244 overnight. Inflammation and swelling and just UGH! I am down this week to 243. I am swollen from doing a lot yesterday, but I am moving and going.

I am walking almost daily. I happily slept in today. I forgot I turned off my alarm for some reason. It was already 90 degrees by the time I got up. So, I am hoping to get my activity in by doing some housework and laundry.

I have thrown myself into a new creative endeavor! I love fluid art and acrylic pours. It is fun, creative, and exciting. I am honored and humbled that many of my friends are supporting me and purchasing my art. I created a ocean, beach painting and several people wanted one. So, I am going to making some more. I started a FB page and store Enchanted Creations by LLC to post and sell my art, and jewelry, and stuff I create.

The Hobbit Hole had some drama this week. I have a water leak. Tuesday, it will be fixed. Hopefully. It makes for a taxing time. And the grant year is coming to a close. And I have several projects due. So, weekends and evenings will not be arting, but working mostly.

I am trying to make sure I balance my self-care and work obligation appropriately. I am working on the basics. Eating well and activity. I read about set points recently. I think 240 is my body set point. So, I am working on breaking it. But what is most important is that I am taking care of me. I am eating well. I move my body. I do yoga(esque). I listen to great music. I art. I watch videos on art.

I am trying to decide if I am going to keep this blog up or if I am going archive this and create a new blog that focuses on wellness, creativity, and self-care.

To close a on good note. Yesterday, I went shopping with a friend. I put on some black and white polka dot crop pants, a black tank, and polka dot hair band. I looked at myself and genuinely said, “OMG, I look cute!” and I genuinely meant it. While shopping, I found this shirt (okay, it is part of a PJ set, but it is too cute just to wear around the Hobbit Hole.) I put it on and took my pic. And OMG! I look cute today too.

I can honestly say, after years of work, I love life. I love my home. I love my cat. And I truly, love myself.

I truly hope you have an incredible day. Find something that brings you joy and enhances your life. And remember as we all move and bungle our way through life, it costs nothing to be kind to others and yourself. Peace Out!

One thought on “6.6.2021 Check-in and Musings

  1. You may be right to want to start fresh with a new blog. Mine has a very generic name that lets me talk about everything from weight to work to genealogy to mental health. It helps me to be able to sometimes see threads the themes that weave through the years. I tried having a different one for weight loss at one time and it just didn’t work. My brain couldn’t juggle multiple blogs, and things in my life were too intertwined.


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