5.23.2021 Check-in…Feeling Happy

242 pounds

Good morning everyone. I didn’t check in last week. I was helping a friend all weekend. I am remaining the same which is fine. I have been in the 240 most of my adult life. So, here is familiar. I am much happier focusing more on wellness than weight loss. Less pressure and internal criticism.

While I know society will still see me as fat, I am fine with my body. Would I like my weight to be lower? Yes. I would. I am working on the weight loss certification. Right now, boring physiological stuff. I am hoping the next two books are more practical.

I had some wonky, painful things happening with my legs. So, I haven’t walked as much as I would like, but I did do my long walk today. Slowly. Meditated and yoga-esque. For those who aren’t on my FB page, I have been creating a patio paradise and I love it.

I meditate in the morning, practice yoga, and eat breakfast out there. I am not sure for how much longer because Vegas’ fifth season, HELL, is coming soon.

Today, I am actually going to be around people. I am going to a friend’s house. Everyone is COVID protected. I also have plans for June 3. Slowly, I am going back into the world.

I hope you are having a wonderful morning and as we all move through today in the cruel, crazy, beautiful world, please remember to be kind. Especially to yourself.

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