Update 5.2.2021–sigh…frustrated

241.8 and with some funky hair…

I am attempting to be positive, but just not quite able to get there! I am still over 240 after a brief dip to 239. I didn’t make my goal to get to 235 in April. So, my May goal is to get to 235, which is my next goal. Today, I am 241.8. I am walking, but not huge distances because the PSA is acting up. I have a psoriasis rash on my feet and left knee. It makes it a wee-bit uncomfortable to walk. But I am still doing it. I looked over some pix of what I was eating when I was losing…

Yes, I actually walk to the grocery store with my little cart.

So, I walked to the store and got some brussels, spinach, zucchini, and some golden potatoes. I have chicken and other proteins in the freezer. Back to the basics.

Other exciting news, the kitchen reno and patio decorating are going great. This week, my new sink and cabinet will be installed. And the planters will be here on Tuesday for the patio garden. Next weekend, I will be planting. So expect pics of the changes.

I am was going to work on the theatre website, but there is something not write there. I need to talk to my “consultant.” So, I am going to study some while Hazel has her spa day. I am not sure she agrees that it is very spa-like. Dinner tonight with my parents.

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