243 pounds (but in size 16 jeans)

Well, it was a frustrating and gratifying week. These bipolar weeks are trying at best. I even waited a day hoping for better news, but…I am back at 243. Sigh…I was hoping to well on my way to a new goal this week, but my fussy body had a very different idea about things.

So, I am tracking food and trying to move. I was also sick this week again, so walking didn’t happen much. And my hips and knee hurt so bad I have been waking up at night. I did try some guided meditations to help settle me. I think it helped.

But I did take a short walk today, and I walked to VONS (2.5 miles, total). I bought some probiotics and fiber. I am having digestive issues. I know that is part of the problem. So, I am hoping this all helps move things along. (bwhahaha…I crack myself up!) I also bought some b-complex. I have been reading a lot about b vitamins being helpful with autoimmune issues.

But the good news! First, I squeezed myself into size 16 jeans. YYYAAAASSS grrrl! You heard me, size 16. And full disclosure, I started in 32s. OMG! I cut my size in half. I am thrilled.

And the second piece of good news! I am now a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Yes, you may ooh! and ahh! I am currently working on becoming a Weight Management Specialist. I promise not to be one of those people you friends you and then hits you up to buy services.

So, what am I going to do with this knowledge? I am thinking about volunteering at a shelter and provide nutrition classes. I also may offer some seminars in my complex. Nothing extravagant. So, right now, it is for me. My goal is to read a chapter a day and then take the exam.

Finally, I have new stuff for the kitchen remodel. I am so excited. We are getting there! I have a new sink, faucet, and cabinet to be installed. The cabinet and faucet are here. The sink should be here on Monday. Now to get it all installed.

But now, I need to head to the garden center and pick up some potting soil. I was gifted some sage. I have to repaint a mistake I made trying to detail the cabinets.

Have a great one! And remember that it is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world out there. Please be kind, especially to yourself.

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