Weekly Check-in 4.10.2021…And breaking through

238 pounds

OMG! I did it! I finally did it. I broke through the 240s! This morning, I stepped on my trusty Renpho and 238.8!!! The mental battle to get here has been so arduous and lengthy. And frustrating.

This breakthrough is more than just ending a six-month plateau. So, everyone who is struggling with a plateau, just keep working on your plan. It will happen. Go back to your basics. Measure, log, and move. Even if the scale isn’t moving, your body is changing. Sometimes, it just takes a bit to catch up! During this plateau, I reverse my diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. While, I am not off meds yet, we reduced my medications to half.

I am calling this my halfway point. My ultimate goal is to release 170ish pounds. I haven’t said, “THIS IS THE NUMBER I SHALL BE,” yet. I may release less. The final number depends on how I feel and how I look. But it is between 160 and 150. So, I am down 84.2 pounds. I am close enough to the halfway point that I am calling it. Now, I will have released more weight than is marked for eviction. WOW! What a heady realization!

I am also 3.8 pounds to my goal of 235. YAY! This was the most challenging 26 pounds to release. But I am on the countdown!
My next goal is 212. This is another significant part of the journey. During this leg, I will cross the 100-pound mark. WOW!

So the mileage sign looks like this:
235 3.8 pounds
100 pounds 16 pounds
Onderland 40 pounds

On a different path…sorta! I think I will start my final exam for my Health and Wellness Coach certification this weekend. I took one of the practice exams and did very well. I am going to try the other one. But I do have some theatre stuff to do today. So, I will see where I am at… There has been a lot of stress at work, so I am needing some down time.

Finally, I am doing a little bit with my kitchen. I think when I am done, I will have a functional, usable, and beautiful kitchen. And in the end, it will save me about $15,000 from a complete remodel.

But now, a shower, some laundry, some theatre stuff, and certification. Life is feeling alright! Please remember to be a good human. A kind human. Especially to yourself.

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