Weekly Check-in 03.27.2021

3.27.2020 3.27.2021
314.5 pounds 241.8 pounds

I am still struggling to get under 240 pounds. I am getting close and still working on it. The photo on the left showed up in my FB feed this morning. I am pretty happy to be at 241.8 pounds. I released another 1.3 pounds this week.

As I said last week, I had amazingly, fabulous, and wonderfully normal labs. And I saw the doctor today. (Yes, my doctor has Saturday appointments.) She lowered the doses of my Metformin, Lisinopril, and Lipitor to half. I am going back in three months to see how I am doing and to try to lower or eliminate meds. I am incredibly happy.

I have been trying to rest my hip. It is helping. So, I am cruising YouTube for slow, kind, exercises. I have finally figured out a reason for a tablet. Exercise videos. I am also going to see how to get regular YouTube on the Roku. I admit, it is hard being analog in a digital world.

So, I am fully vaccinated. While I am still not comfortable being close to a lot of people, I am willing to go out and abouting more. So, I am heading to the China Ranch Date Farm and Death Valley tomorrow. I am pretty sure the crowds will be minimal. I am really looking forward to getting away. Pictures will be forthcoming.

I have one question to finish for my Health and Wellness Coach class. I am going to be working on it today. Hopefully, everything can go in and I can focus on the weight loss class.

Redecoration at the Hobbit Hole is continuing. The kitchen is looking awesome. My friend, Susan, is still working on the cabinets. Next, will be the countertops. I am thinking about painting the very offensive white vanity in my bathroom. I probably will in the next week or so. We will see how my craftiness goes.

I had to face a very unkind person this week. I don’t really want to relive it again. But it is a reminder that it is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world out there. Please remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

And here is some Hazel to make your Caturday!

Happiness is a Hazel on Caturday!!!

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