Weekly Check-in, Labs, and PIYO Isn’t for Fat People

243.2 Pounds

So, let’s start out with some givens. I am fabulous. My cat is fabulous. My Hobbit Hole is fabulous. My life is absolutely fabulous. Don’t believe me? Check out the title of this site. Says it all there. However, there is one thing in my life that is normal–completely and utterly normal. And I can’t be more thrilled!

Yes! My labs are all normal. Normal! A1C and Glucose–normal. Liver enzymes–normal. Blood cell counts–normal. Cholesterol–normal. My metabolic numbers are all normal. The numbers are so normal, they are FABULOUS! The next step is to talk to my GP about getting off meds.

y primary goal throughout this journey is to get healthier. I have been struggling so much and still hanging out in the 240s (79.8 pounds released back into the wild). So, the ultimate non-scale victory (NSV) was really needed. But, I have strapped on a new set of armor and am in the battle to improve myself.

I really want to see 235 soon. Please don’t say the scale doesn’t matter; how you feel matters. Yes, the scale freaking matters. Honestly, I feel like crap right now, so numbers are what I have to focus on. I am still having excruciating hip and back pain. I did clock in over 9k steps—bad move. Relaxing and resting this afternoon. I am thinking about not walking for a couple weeks. Instead, just focus on some light stretching, massage, and chiropractic care.

And that leads me to PIYO.

OMG, it looks so much fun! The person is perky and healthy. I want to be perky and healthy. The system combines everything my friends swear by…pilates and yoga, all in one place. PERFECTION!

I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Amazon fairy to bring me my fitness salvation. I even hung the plan up on my wall. I needed to watch the first segment Align. It shows you how you are supposed to do the poses. YAY! I like instruction videos. There is even a skinny helpful model there to show you how to modify everything. AWESOME!!! Because FAT is in the title of this site, and I am still fat. Modifications are necessary.

I put on my yoga pants. I even bought some non-slide yoga socks. I dusted off the mat and turn on the DVD. Okay, I fold over. I can plank. I can…wait?! You want me to go from standing, walk into plank in three steps of my hands?! One, two, three, fourfivesixseveneight. Well, not quite right. At this point, the giggles begin. Then she introduces something called a PIYO flip. I collapsed in a fit of laughter. Hazel thought I was crazy. The DVDs are put away until thinner days. I do know that my DVD player needs to be replaced. So, there is one good thing from my PIYO experience. But despite what the perky, fit person says on the TV…PIYO is not for fat people.

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