Weekly Check-in 3.14.2021

247 pounds

As per usual, I get close to breaking 240, and I sabotage myself. I am frustrated and annoyed at myself. Snarl. I am very growly at myself. Grrrr…I am trying to figure out why. What on earth am I so terrified about? I have explored many things that I already know. I am comfortable being at this weight. I also know that comfortable isn’t always healthy.

I have restarted studying to be a health and wellness coach. I finished two chapters this weekend. I am going to try to finish another chapter today. I have three left. Then I have the test. Once I pass this, then I can take the weight loss class.

I am wondering if boredom is part of my issue. I know I am spending more money than usual—some on positive and redecoration projects. But also on piddle crap that I don’t really need. This is often a signal of me sliding out of control and the constant sabotaging my health goals.

So, I am trying to change things up a bit. I purchased the PIYO DVDs. I am going to add this to my activity. I am hoping this helps gets me on track and doing what I know I need to do–and what I want to do. I want better health. I want to be able to hike. I want to buy a camera and start taking photos while I am out and abouting. I see the life I want, but I keep preventing myself from getting it.

So, I am trying again this week–staying in my calorie range, being active, focusing on health, and changing my life.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in 3.14.2021

  1. I think we are twins. I’m going through some of the same issues – boredom, fear, frustration, and lack of focus to make changes. It’s annoying. So I made lots of lists to feel as though I had control of something. I didn’t realize you weren’t progressing on your health and wellness coaching. What is the weight loss part that you haven’t gotten to yet? How can we support you?

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    1. I saw your lists. I am thinking about doing that too. Hopefully, I can get my thinking together.

      I purchased two courses in January. The coach course and a nutrition and diet course. Need to do the first before I get the credentials for the nutrition and diet. I just need to sit down and finish the bloody course.

      I have been thinking about what supports I need. I really don’t know. I am feeling so incredibly adrift but can’t seem to find the shore.


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