Weekly Check-in 02.06.21

What a good looking pic! Despite the Monkey Person photobombing me.

Good Morning, Everyone! And it is a very nice morning for coffee, kitty, and my computer. So, let’s start with the good stuff! 243.8! Yes, indeed! I released 79.2 pounds into the wild to find new homes. I think I may be back on track, which makes me happy. For those keeping score at home, my next goal is 235. I have 8.8 pounds left to release. This also puts me in the Obese II category of the dreaded BMI scale. Yes, I have a whole blog as to why the BMI scale is crap. But the reality is the medical community, and insurance companies still use it. And I have found that when you are obese, it isn’t too far off. However, as you get more fit, it is all messed up.

I have three other pieces of good news! I finished the first module of my Health and Wellness Coach certification. I am working on the second module. After I finish pass the exam, I get to take the WEIGHT LOSS class. So, can’t wait. Also, I am working with a dear friend of mine to get healthy too. I am excited about this because it tracks with the Health and Wellness coaching.

As an aside, you would be shocked how many coaches are on social media that hit you up to help with your fitness goals. Even when I tell them I am studying for my own certification, they still don’t stop. I guess the concept of No Means No doesn’t mean anything to them. I get it; the pandemic is hard on everyone. But if I want a coach, I have several people I know and trust to turn to before some random dude with great abs on the internet. (If they are even his abs.)

My last piece of news is that I am making some small improvements in my home. I assembled this free-standing pantry in the space where my side-by-side washer and dryer were. I am getting an LG Laundry Station/Tower thing. I finally have my glass items stored in safe places. My open shelves are for plastics, gazmos, and gidgets. Slowly, after 6 years in the Hobbit Hole, I am making some changes. A friend who is starting her own furniture painting business offered to paint my nasty white kitchen cabinets. Since I was planning to remodel my kitchen, I said yes. I don’t have anything to lose. I am actually very excited about the change. Now, to decide on the colors. I chose the bottom color, Regal. It is just figuring out the tops. Suggestions are welcome. And yes, the pantry will be painted too. So, once I am vaccinated, the painting can commence!!!

On the other health issues, my psoriasis is well-controlled, and I remain mostly clear. My psoriatic arthritis is there. I have my flare-ups and moments, but nothing too bad. I am in some groups where I see how bad this disease can be. I am lucky. Very lucky. My diabetes remains controlled as well. I keep hoping that when my weight is lower, I will get off meds. Depression seems to be in check. The fibro and CFS are there. But as other things are getting better, these issues seem more manageable.

I hope you have a great week! And for those who are in the path of the winter storms, I hope you stay safe and warm too. It is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world out there. Look for the beauty and remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

LLC & Hazel

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