Check-in 1.30.2021

So…Life has been…well, life, a lot of good and not so good. But yes, I am still smiling. I did miss last week because my weekend went south, and I just never found the time. So, I am making sure that I am posting now. I hope that my world settles down, so there is more of a nightly practice of blogging. We will see.

Now, for the important stuff. Yep! I am still in the 240s. Today, I am 246.6. Last week, I was 244. I am working hard to get myself together and stay on track. It has been very hard to walk. It has been raining and in the 30s in the morning. We are not supposed to have rain, so I plan to get several small walks during the day to get steps into my day. I am finally eating at home more. In fact, last night, I made a chicken sheet pan dinner. It was my first time doing it. It was delicious. But then, roasted veggies do make me happy.

So, what has been happening in my world? A lot. I am helping a friend get his parent’s house ready for sale. So, I am spending one evening and Saturday afternoons helping him clean. You have to realize what a huge deal this is for me. Because of the PsA, my hip and back, I don’t clean my own house. I have someone come in every two weeks to clean. So, helping him takes me out of commission for at least a day each time. Coupled with the cold and wet, I have been miserable.

My dryer tried to burn down the Hobbit Hole. So, I made some decisions about how I plan to remodel the kitchen. While the remodel is a ways off, I purchased an LG Laundry Tower/Station/Whatevertrendyname and a stand-alone pantry. They are going where the side-by-side units were. It was far more than I needed to spend right now. But it is an investment in the future of the Hobbit Hole. A high school friend reached out to me on FB and offered to paint my current cabinets. So, I am going to do that. I hope that these changes make enough of a difference that I stop fixating on remodeling. If this configuration works, then I can install new counters and a backsplash. I can then focus on the floors, and the Hobbit Hole will be finished.

I also bought a new laptop! YAY! I have a computer that works! It isn’t anything grand. But it was at the top end of my budget. I finally finished setting everything up and transferring files. Also, some friends gifted me a Roku and access to their YouTubeTV. So, I cut the cable cord. I think they got sick of me dithering on FB about making the change. So, I have increased my internet speed, cut my cable cord, and saving about $100 a month. So, there has been a lot of technology in my world this week.

Hobbits are not big fans of learning new technology, FYI or change in general. This has been a lot of both. I am a little overwhelmed by things.

Finally, I am still working on my class. I have three more chapters in the first module, the second module to complete, and then the test. Then I have the second class on weight loss.

As you can see, I have been a wee bit crazed these last two weeks. After next week, I think things will be slowing down a bit for me, and I can get back into my quiet routine. But despite the crazy, I am in a pretty good place. I am genuinely happy. I am still on my financial plan, and I see the results.

I hope everyone is doing well. It is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world out there. Please remember to be kind, especially to yourself. And here is a picture of Hazel to make your day.

What?! It isn’t my fault you left your laundry in my play space!

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