Check-in 1.9.2021 & WHOA! Watta Week!

LLC and Hazel, an urban panther

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all are caring for yourself with the craziness of this week. I was very on-track until Wednesday. Then…not so much. This has been a week of complete upheaval for me.

But let’s get with the good stuff! My weigh-in today was 248.6. I released 1.6 pounds from last week. This brings me to a total of 74.4 pounds released in total. And I will say, I looked at this photo, and for the first time in who-knows-how-long, I thought, “I don’t look too bad. In fact, I look kinda good.” Now, I don’t have illusions that I am a supermodel or even just a model (and there are several in my orbit). But I can be attractive. I am getting there.

This week…Oh! What a week! First, I quit the HOA Board. When my body decided to really act up on Monday with a psoriasis outbreak on my face, I knew something had to give. And the BS from the HOA Board was more than I was willing to shoulder. So, bye-bye Felicia.

Mom was told that she needs to wear a neck brace for another 4 weeks—two weeks with the rigid brace and two weeks with a softer one. So, I am still hanging out in the evenings with my parents. In many ways, it is rather lovely. In other ways, it is difficult.

I have settled on four goals, intentions, resolutions, whatevers for 2021. The first goal is to survive 2021. This year, while I am hopeful for some change, it is going to be rough. The year started with my parents informing me that they were probably exposed to the virus. So, Mom and I got tested. Dad didn’t. But, if we are, chances are he is. I am still waiting for the test to come back.

Hazel has defeated the Monster-Under-The-Covers

The second goal, continue my health journey. I have got tests back on my hips and mammograms. It seems all is well. And the physical therapy is actually helping my hip. I also bought a pregnancy pillow to support my legs when I sleep. It is helping too. I am back to focusing on eating well and increasing my activity. This will allow my body to release the weight. This also means learning more about health and nutrition, which leads to my next goal.

The third goal, complete the classes and become a certified health a wellness coach. I started this far too full of myself. So, now after a little humbling, I have doubled-down and am working hard on the weekends to get through the classes.

The fourth goal, keep working on financial self-care. This is going very well. I am pretty sure that soon, I will be in a place that feels financially stable. Then I will be able to focus on preparing to make some changes in my life.

This week has been especially stressful, shocking, and unsettling for everyone. Please look deep within yourself and look at who you are vs. who you want to be. Is the world you want equal for everyone? Accepting of everyone? Supportive of everyone? For me, this is the world I want and the world I work towards. As events this week have shown, it is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world. Please remember to be kind–to yourself and to others.

Peace—Lisa and Hazel

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