The First Check-in of 2021

Happy New Year! Okay, it is more like Hopeful New Year. And yes, I am hopeful. Before I go into that, I am at 250.2. So, this is where I am starting. I will be honest, I really haven’t measured and logged like I usually do. There have been way too many treats.

So, I started 2020 at 323. I am starting 2021 at 250. I am very pleased to have released 72.8 pounds. There have been many ups and downs during the year, okay, many more downs than ups. But I have made it through.

I started 2020 with the goal to get my money right. And I am happy to say I am well on my way! I didn’t know health was going to be a priority, but it did. And I am glad.

Why am I hopeful? First and foremost, there seems to be a faint light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. While the COVID plague is still raging, and it will worsen before it gets better, the vaccine gives me hope for a more normal life for everyone. I don’t believe we will ever see “normal” again. But, I am hoping to have my annual Yule dinner with friends in 2021.

I am also committing myself to be healthier, eating well, and exercising. I am taking a health class to help myself. I see the effects of some severe health issues. In 2007/2008, I was hospitalized twice and had surgery. I died on the table, wound up intubated, and “recovered.” The recovery left me with some brain damage. So, now, I am learning the extent. But, I will figure out how to do this. I have confidence that I can.

I started the new year with an unexpected hike. I was going for a little walk, but then I decided to head to the Tunnels. The gate to the Dam was open, so…why not? I also learned that my body gets a little growly after seven miles. But, I am going to try this hike again in January.

I hope we all have a kinder year. So, let’s start by remembering to be kind, especially ourselves.

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