12.26.2020 Check-in

248.8 pounds

Hello everyone! The holiday season is almost over! For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was merry. Habari Gani to those celebrating Kwanzaa.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am still maintaining under 250! This is my goal until I am no longer helping out Mom and Dad. Today, I am 248.8 pounds. I stayed within my calorie count yesterday and didn’t feel remotely deprived. It was a traditional turkey dinner with all the yums!

For those who don’t follow me on FB, I fell this week. I was bringing in my trash cans and splat! Square on my very sore, bad hip. I am fine. I am sore. It made cooking dinner a little difficult. Okay, by the end of the night, I hurt like hell. But I relaxed, slept in. And taking it slow today, laundry and making turkey soup.

Earlier this week, I got the x-rays on my hip, and I started physical therapy. I have some breakthrough patches of psoriasis and my left hip, left big toe, and lower back are all yipping at me.

I have next week off, so I am slowly getting ready for 2021. I started on my 2021 budget. Frustratingly, my student loan is starting back up. It makes for a much tighter budget. But, I managed before the forbearance, and I can manage now. I will be doing some light cleaning and purging of the things.

I am hopeful for a better 2021. I am hopeful that in early January, my Mom will be out of her brace. I will be able to focus back on getting healthier. I am hopeful that by mid-summer, I will be able to visit safely and comfortably with friends. I miss opening my home to friends for good food and companionship. I am hopeful that in the fall, the theatre company will be back on stage. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

So, in the spirit of hopefulness for a better 2021, I am asking you to please be kind–especially to yourself.

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