12.20.2020 Check-in and looking forward to 2021

246.6 Pounds

Well, YAY! I released 3.4 pounds, which brings me back into 240 range, where I want to stay until Mom and Dad don’t need assistance anymore. I am 246.6 pounds. And I learned a valuable lesson. You don’t “go on to maintenance.” You ramp up your calories slowly. It is actually hard when you are used to eating 1490 calories to suddenly try and eat 2200 calories. So, when I am about 10 pounds to my goal, the plan is to start raising the calories and EATING the calories. Once I start leveling out, I will know where the calorie range lies. But I am solidly in the 240s again; I am happy.

At the end of 2019, I said my goal was to get my money right. And I am happy to report, I am well on my way. I have four bills paid off. I have a plan to pay off the rest. I am saving for my rainy day fund, car maintenance fund, home improvement/maintenance fund, and VACATION fund. AND I refied the Hobbit Hole to a significantly lower payment. Now, if I maintain my previous payment, I can make significant principal payments. I have said before, getting your finances under control is an important part of self-care. I need to start the spreadsheet and figure out the savings account distributions.

In the first part of 2020, getting my health under control was another priority. And I am happy to report, I am well on my way. While I am focusing on staying under 250 right now, I have released 76.4 pounds and vastly improved my metabolic numbers.

So, what now for 2021? Well, I plan to keep on my financial self-care plan and my health plan. I am not making any radical changes…yet. I am planning for a career change. Once I am not visiting Mom and Day daily, I will take classes to be a health and wellness coach. Since starting this journey, I can see myself working with others facing significant weight and health issues. But the information will help me continue my own journey right now. Getting the finances together is an important part of this plan. The change will not be in 2021. But, I have a focus.

But now, I am going for a short walk.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during this holiday season. The holidays are not always happy for everyone, so reach out to your friends. Many people struggle and never say a word to anyone. Reaching out may be exactly what someone needs. So, please remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

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