Once Again…Mostly Normal

Normal is just a horrid, banal word. And I am not quite sure who qualifies as normal. I am not sure how close to normal I really want to be… except with my health. I would love to healthy and normal and absent of the myriad of chronic diseases that I manage every day. This journey really is about getting healthy. And my lab results are the main indicator of my health.

My primary care physician (PCP) orders labs for me every three months. However, I would push testing out for six months. (I know, naughty me.) My first set of labs in May were not the best, but not completely horrid. They showed my liver enzymes were high, cholesterol was through the roof, and my diabetes was controlled.

The August testing showed a dramatic improvement! My liver enzymes were getting better, my glucose was flirting into the pre-diabetes ranges, and my cholesterol, while still high, was a lot better. So, the PCP and I decided to take me off one diabetes medication and one high blood pressure medication. I am still taking metformin and hydrochlorothiazide.

Well, I actually got my tests results today. I need to schedule my PCP appointment for the post testing discussion. I was hopeful that the discussion would include taking me off metformin. However, this will not be the case. My A1C is still just flirting with the pre-diabetes range, 5.8 which is much better than the 6.5 in May but higher than 5.7 in August. And my blood glucose was 88 in August but 112 in November. So, I am still a well-controlled diabetic, and I am happy about that!

My EOS Absolute test is showing high. Esoinophils are a type of white blood cells. An elevated number indicates a risk of autoimmune disease. Well, no duh, Sherlock! There isn’t much I will never be able to do much about that.

My cholesterol is NORMAL. Everything! The triglycerides were at 195 in June. I remember one test they were over 300! The November triglycerides were at 110! NORMAL. YAY!!! My liver enzymes are NORMAL too! Since I am on so many meds, I always worry about my liver. But it seems to be happy and livering on!

So, my health improvement quest is still moving forward! While I will not be getting off metformin (sigh), I am very controlled on just metformin and no more Invokana (happy). So, it will take a little more work to get me off diabetes meds completely, but I will get there. I know I will.

So, I am taking Mostly Normal as my holiday present to myself. I have been thinking about what keeps me going….this is. Seeing my health improving is very important, mainly since I don’t always feel it.

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