11.28.2020 Check-in

Wow! I am actually amazed right now. I am at 243.6 pounds. I released 79.4 pounds. Most of the weight I picked up is gone. I am thrilled. While I am supposed to be maintaining, I will take a reduction.

It does point out that I am very used to eating at a reducing level and not at the sustainable level I need to figure out. My Fitness Pal raised my calorie level to 2,440! This is a lot compared to the 1,490 I rarely reached as it is. I plan to stay at a sustainable level until Mom is okay. I know that when I am finally down to 155 pounds, my sustaining calories will be less, but the reducing calories will be less as well.

From what I understand, sustaining is the most difficult part of releasing weight. In 52 years, I never made it my final goal. So, sustaining is something I never did. And it shows. Right now, I am looking at this time as a mid-way trial run. I am glad I decided to start sustaining at 155 which is on the high level of healthy. I have a feeling that I will be releasing weight after I reach my goal and start to move on to sustaining.

Well, today is an unplanned rest day. While I will try to take some short walks, my hips and left ankle are growly and unhappy. So, a long head-clearing walk is not in the cards. My elbows are mostly clear, which is a big improvement.

I hope you all are doing well. It is a scary and sad time in the world. Several friends, old and new, are ill with the virus. I am hoping everyone survives and recovers (they are two separate things). I hope every one else stays safe. Remember, it is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world. Please be kind, especially to yourself.

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