Weekly Check-in 11.7.2020

YAY! I only gained 1.2 pounds this week. And most of it is inflammation and swelling due to stress, poor food choices, and not getting enough water. So, I am actually thrilled where I am.

This week has been especially hard and stressful. I had some disappointing news. I have been swollen and inflamed. THE ELECTION! And bundles of deadlines at work. Stress is not my friend. I seriously need to win the lottery, retire, fuss over friends and family, and snuggle with Hazel.

Today is fall. I am not joking. Yesterday was 86. Today will be 63. And tomorrow will be 58. And the rain. So, why the Vegas weather report? Because massive changes in temperature and barometric pressure wreaks havoc with my joints. I could barely walk this week, and it doesn’t look like much walking will happen this weekend either.

So I am trying to make better food choices and care for myself this weekend. I made a wonderful Spanish-style tortilla for breakfast. This will give me yummy breakfasts and lunches this weekend. I also am baking a chicken for dinner. Tomorrow, I am planning to make homemade broth for nutritious soups. I am also planning to make Coq Au Vin this week. I am really looking forward to that! The store finally had boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I will admit, while I am never thrilled with the cold, I also love it. There are so many wonderful, easy, yummy things to cook. It is hard to be thrilled about cooking when it is 115 degrees outside.

What else do I have planned this weekend? Crochet and walking if my body lets me. Reading and British mysteries if my body keeps being cantankerous. And of course, snuggling and fussing over Hazel, if she lets me.

I hope you all have a great weekend! It is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world. Let’s fill it with love. Buy it a Coke. (You are old if you get that one.) And please remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

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