Weekly Check-in 10.31.2020

Happy Halloween! Blessed All Hallows Eve! Samhain Blessings!

Let’s start with the great news! I have released 80.2 pounds so far! OMG! This is mindboggling to me. I have 7.8 pounds to release to reach my next goal. And, I am 5 pounds from the halfway point. This is big stuff.

Start Weight: 323 pounds
Current Weight: 242.8 pounds
Next Goal Weight: 235 pounds
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150-155 pounds

Normally, I would say, check out my progress and link to my weekly gallery, but it is all messed up. So, I am going to have to spend some time fixing it. (This is the less than great news.)

Several people have asked me on FB and IG what I am doing to lose weight. I am not doing anything crazy. I am eating well, staying in my calorie range (mostly), and exercising. Losing weight is simple–not easy. The hardest part of losing weight is the mental challenges. There are many demons and ghouls to vanquish on the road. I am sure there will be many when I reach my Ultimate Goal. But there are many wonderful celebrations as well.

The weather is starting to change here, and my poor joints are feeling it. I am still walking every morning; however, I may switch to walking after work. I am adding some Yoga-esque and Pilates-ish stretching and meditation to my routine.

I hope each and every one of you is doing well. Please let me know in the comments. It is a cruel, crazy, beautiful world out there. Please remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in 10.31.2020

  1. That’s such a big difference! 🤩
    Yup, simple but not easy. You are truly inspirational my friend! ♥️
    I like the idea of adding in yoga and pilates!

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  2. So So happy for you Lisa. I agree with you it’s simple but not easy. I tell my clients that all the time, and honestly I have to remind myself all the time too when I indulge in emotional eating. You’re glowing my friend.
    Brazilian xox

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