Inverse Psoriasis Flare

So, if you hang around people with a chronic illness, sooner or later you will hear the word “flare.” Basically a flare is the onset symptoms. Sometimes, it can resolve quickly. Sometimes, it lasts for a while.

Today started with a severe IBS episode which lasted for hours. Of course, exhaustion sets in after that. And now, inverse psoriasis. Yes, this is a miserable thing.

Inverse psoriasis shows up on me as a very hot, red lesion usually under my breasts. I always assumed this was heat rash. But no…it is a special joy that I get to add to my list.

Now, I know what it is. Steroid cream and powder to keep it dry. Right now, it hurts and is very uncomfortable, another very special hell with which to live.

Inverse psoriasis is rare. About 20-30% of those living with psoriasis develop this version too. It is also more common with obese persons. However, even when I get to “overweight” or “normal” because of my abnormally large breasts, I will most likely be dealing with this.

I am not amused.

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