Eating Well and Activity

There is a difference between dieting and eating well. Diets are restrictive, dictating, and usually unsustainable. In my opinion, Keto, Paleo, any of the crazy elimination diets are not good. While a diet will work in the short-term, for me, I always gained more. This time is very different. I am not dieting. I am eating well.

What do I mean by not dieting? First, there are no forbidden foods. I repeat, there are no forbidden foods. There are food choices that are better for achieving my goals. There are food choices to enjoy and revel in. And there are food choices that cause me great intestinal distress (and sometimes I eat them anyway).

The majority of my food choices are better food choices, veggies, fruit, lean meat, legumes, eggs, and low-fat dairy. I try to eat unprocessed and whole food. These choices help me be healthier. Sometimes, my food choice is a rotisserie chicken because I don’t have the energy to cook. Sometimes, I have soft tacos fresco from Taco Bell. A can of soup is often a choice. I still suffer from chronic fatigue. Some days cooking just cannot happen. So, I find better choices from the less than optimal choices I have. Now that it is getting cooler, I can make slow-cooker foods and eat on it for a while.

But I also indulge in yummy not-so-healthy choices occasionally. Like last night, I made a Tortilla Espanola with Pancetta. Think potato, cheese, artichoke heart, and pancetta frittata. It is so delicious. It is also high cholesterol and high fat. This is definitely a sometimes food. And I am still eating on it. I had ice cream this week. And I released 4.3 pounds.

How do I indulge in something this? I plan for it. I log my food in My Fitness Pal (MFP). There is also Lose It and some others. You enter your height, weight, how much you want to lose, and how fast you want to lose, and the app calculates a calorie range. And I stay in the calorie range. MFP also links to my FitBit. It gives me more calories to use the more activity I do. NOW you know why I walk as much as I do. Today, my 10k steps gave me over 400 more calories. My walking is a form of meditation for me. It starts my day with a clear head and lots of additional calories. I don’t always eat them all, but it allows me to be flexible in what I eat.

I don’t feel guilt. I don’t have cheat days. I don’t diet. I do make food and activity choices that get me to my goal. And at 77 pounds released, I make more better choices than indulgent choices. I do measure and weigh most of my food so I can log it appropriately.

And most of all, I love what my life is becoming. I am happy. And I am exploring the new life better health has given me.

2 thoughts on “Eating Well and Activity

  1. How long did you follow Noom before you went to My Fitness Pal? Am wondering if some of my challenges now are because I need to change things up a bit.


    1. I was on Noom for about 4 months. I stopped when they started talking about Trauma responses and got it dangerously wrong. It made me wonder what else they got wrong. So, I left. I used MFP 5 years-ago when I lost 50 pounds. (Found them again!)

      I have been back on MFP for about 4 months. I have a much different mindset this time.


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