Weekly Check-in 10.10.20

10.10.2020 250.1 pounds

Yay! for Caturdays! I am feeling great, fantastic, amazing, and incredible. I am really excited about my life, where I am, and where I am going. I released 1.1 pounds this week.
Start Weight: 323 pounds
Current Weight: 250.1 pounds
Goal Weight: 150-155 pounds

I had so many NSV (non-scale victories) this week. I realized how my quality of life has improved with the weight release and the new medication. I wrote about it here.

Also, I wiggled my butt into a size 20 jeans. Woo hoo! I started at a size 28. Here is the difference in size. This made me so excited to see the difference in me.

I am having very little pain, and I am not swollen. The Tremfya is really working for me. It really has been life-changing for me. I am very grateful for the changes in my body. I was able to walk 6 miles today with few issues. Let’s get real, my hips hurt some, but hey, I am 250.1 pounds and walking uphill.

I was planning to hike today (instead, I walked), but I was told about a shredding and medication disposal event, so taking care of my personal stuff won out. And actually, taking care of the finances and boring personal things are essential to my self-care. When I know that when I do, my peace-of-mind is so much better. Speaking of finances, my refi is out of underwriting. I am one step closer to easing my budget. I should be signing next week. Then I get to rework my budget.

Here is a little Hazel to make you smile!

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