10.3.2020 Check-In

So much is happening in my little world this week. First, I can finally say I have released 70 pounds. Well, 71.4, to be exact. I am so excited. I have 96 pounds to release until I reach my goal of 155 pounds. I am so very close to the halfway point. WOW! A friend reminded me that 70 pounds are about the size of a first-grader. What I do know for sure is that I am happier with myself.

Also, I dropped a point in my visceral fat. This is the fat that is around your organs. It is the most dangerous kind of fat. The other is subcutaneous, the fat under your skin. While my subcutaneous fat is high, it isn’t the worst. My visceral fat is still off the chart, literally. But, I will get to a healthy place! I am getting closer every day.

As I said several times, I started the biologic, Tremfya, for my psoriatic arthritis. For five wonderful, amazing, and glorious days I was pretty much pain-free–a state I haven’t been in for about a decade. Friday, the bliss was shattered. I went into a flair. Rashes coming back on my knees and elbows, and I couldn’t walk. Actually, I broke out my cane yesterday to steady myself. Yesterday was horrid. Today, I am a little better. I don’t feel I need a cane, but my hips, knees, and elbows hurt a lot, especially my hips. So, walking is curtailed for a while.

I am not discouraged. This was my first dose. It takes about 4 to 8 weeks for full efficacy. I have another dose in three weeks. I also know my body is going through SO much change right now. Again, I have released over 70 pounds in seven months. I went from no activity to walking 3-5 miles a day when I can. I have changed how I eat to a much more healthy diet. While these changes are positive, they are change and a lot in a concise period of time. My body is working to adjust and recalibrate. It is normal and fine.

So, I understand why my body is acting up. And it is. In a way, I am glad psoriasis appeared. It finally got me a diagnosis for the pain and swelling. I have a path. What also is happening is…menopausal acne. Seriously, I am 52 and have zits and hot flashes. YAY! Yes, I have been dealing with hormone issues since I was 25, but this is just special.

The last thing is our summer is finally breaking. This week the highs are in the 90s, and by next week, we will be in the 80s. I know many of you are thinking, but that is summer. No, summer here is over 100 or 110. Right now, it is beautiful. I have the doors open and airing out the Hobbit Hole. Soon, I will be turning on the electric fireplace. LOL. Anyhow, I have rambled enough for today. I am hurting a bit and want to lie down.

I hope everyone has a great day today. And remember to try and be kind in these unkind times, especially to yourself.

A little Hazel to make your day!

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