In a Good Place

I always dread when people say, “You must feel so much better having lost 70 pounds!” (Okay 69.5) I would have to lie and say that I do. I didn’t. While I could get between cars in a parking lot, bend over and tie my shoes, I didn’t feel better. I hurt—every joint. My whole body just hurt–specifically my hips, left shoulder, ankle and knee, and my lower back.

Now, if someone asks me that, I can honestly say I do. Starting the biologic has changed my life so far. I am noticing some psoriasis coming back, but it is okay. I just started treatment.

All the changes I am making are finally bearing fruit. My body seems to have finished its readjustment. I am releasing weight again. YAY! That always helps my frame of mind. Love, Patience, and Consistency are the keys to successful changes.

I am also making other changes in my life. I am working on my finances. Creating a budget and staying with it, refi-ing the Hobbit Hole, and feeling much more secure.

I am releasing old relationships that are no longer positive in my life. It is taking some adjustment. But, I need positive support and not jealous sabotage. I do that well enough on my own.

While there are some more changes that I am working on, I can honestly say, “I am feeling so much better.” And once again, I love my life. I truly do.

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