More Cha Cha Changes

I am a glorious 52 years old. And yes! Menopause is real, and I have the hot flashes to prove it. I also have a lot less insulation since losing over 6o pounds. So, I spend my days and nights like a frozen penguin with hot flashes. I am seriously not joking.

I used to keep the house at 75 in the summer. I have now moved it up to 77, and I am wearing PJs with long sleeves and socks. In a few minutes, I will be panting. Luckily, I live alone, and the cat likes to sleep on the bed at night. So, off goes the top until I start freezing 10 minutes later.

Arg! Just Arg! And the changes in temps is making my body hurt. I am really tired of hurting. Friday is the big day. Fingers crossed the treatment works.

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