9.19.2020 Check-in

It is Saturday! And Check-in Day! I really hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. The world is on fire literally. Smoke from Southern California was blown into the Vegas valley. It is hard to be outside walking but I did! YAY!

I think my body has finally finished resetting. Whew. I am down about six pounds from last week; however, I also swelled up right before check-in. But the inflammation is down, and so is my weight. People started asking me if I was going to change what I was doing. And my answer was always no. Patience. I just needed to be patient with my body and allow it time to catch up.

My mental struggles are real this week. And RBG passing yesterday is not helping me. I am anxious about the future of this country. So, in hopes of helping me cope with everything, I decided I needed to lighten up my home a bit. So, I bought a new bedspread and bathroom décor. It has helped bring up my spirits and keep me stable…well, as stable as I ever am.

I am getting my grocery list together and ready to head to the store. Also, I need to get more KT tape, my prescriptions, Hazel food, and litter. Finally, after much craziness, my prescription for Tremfya has been approved and the medication was mailed to my Dr.’s office. I am hoping for relief from the pain. My friend, who also has psoriatic arthritis, started getting relief when she started taking it. Hoping. So, hoping.

Well, I have to work this weekend. So, I need get my personal errands finished so I can go into my office for a bit.

Remember to be kind…especially to yourself.

LLC & Hazel

Oh, and here is some Hazel for your pleasure.

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