Check-in Day 9.12.2020


So, I spent a lot of time debating if I was going to check-in today. I really didn’t want to step on the scale. I am very swollen, and I have intestinal issues which I am working to resolve.

Then I thought I could post yesterday morning’s weight, but that would not be honest. On Thursday, I was at 257.7. Yesterday, 258.3. And today, 262.3 again. Yes, this is how swollen I am today. Yesterday, I blew up to 264 mid-afternoon. If you want to see my weight loss progression, click here.

I haven’t walked in two days. I am in too much pain. I felt this flare starting Thursday evening with some swelling in my ankles and lower legs. By Friday, I hurt way too much. Today isn’t too good. So, my exercise today is doing laundry and cleaning the house for the appraiser (I am refinancing). Maybe tomorrow I will try a short walk. I would like to get back to my usual schedule.

I ordered FoodieFit for the week, so I don’t have to worry about cooking. I helped a friend out this morning and transported her from the tire shop to her office. So, I stopped at got milk. I have veggies and fruit to eat. I am good with food. But I am going to lay down for a little bit.

I genuinely hope have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Check-in Day 9.12.2020

  1. I appreciate how honest you are. It encourages us to be honest about our food choices, physical pains and our everyday choices. Bravo to honesty!


    1. Thank you. This is my journey when it goes well or goes south. I think it helps for people who may be struggling to see that a journey to better health isn’t easy for anyone. At times, it can be a battle just to keep your head above water.


  2. You are faced with such challenges and frustrations… and you are facing them! Working to overcome. It is so hard to have these flare ups and feel powerless against them. It’s ok to listen to your body and rest if you need to. 🤗
    I admire your strength even in weakness.
    As science and research advance and change, it is my hope that chronic illnesses such as yours can be cured.
    You are IMMORTAL and this will not beat you! 💪


    1. Thank you for your support and encouragement when I am down and celebrating with me during my good times. It really means a lot. I am hoping that they find a cure for this as well. Symptom reduction, while helpful, isn’t a cure; however, I will take reduction right now.


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