Psoriatic Arthritis

I am going to start this post by saying, “I love my life.” I have good friends and family; I am getting healthier; and I have a good rhythm in my life. I love my life.

There are parts I don’t love so much. While I am getting healthier, I am still dealing with chronic illness, which isn’t changing anytime soon. My diabetes is getting better. So is my blood pressure and cholesterol too.

What isn’t getting better is exhaustion, swelling, and pain. I have been dealing with those issues for about ten years now. I had many diagnoses with no real treatment plan. The last one was fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. However, there is zero anyone can do about either of those issues.

However, yesterday Psoriatic Arthritis entered my world. It fits my symptoms: joint swelling, pain, stiffness, and yes, I got the rash. I am okay with this mainly because there are medical options. Later this month, I am going to start a biologic, Tremfya.

I am hopeful and cautious. I really want to feel better. The exhaustion, swelling, and pain limit my life. While I do a lot, I also don’t do much. My morning walks use a lot of energy, so much that I often don’t have the energy to cook or do much more than sleep. I am also too exhausted to read or write. I hope that starting the treatment will help me get my life back.

So, you can probably expect to read more about Psoriatic Arthritis on the blog, and my dealing with this. Now, I am going to do dishes, take down the trash, and nap. Or take down the trash and go to bed. Or go to bed and take care of the trash in the morning. Dishes can wait.

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