This Girl is Going Off Her Meds!

So much to talk about today!!! Today was a marathon of three doctors’ appointments today. I am very hopeful about my health. And I am thrilled to say that my changes in lifestyle are manifesting very positive results. And I am still a crazy lady with a cat.

So, I saw the derm today. We discussed the ever-growing patches on my arms and all of my symptoms. Also, I talked to her about the RA factor and CRP test results. She said that the results indicate that I don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, but the symptoms indicate psoriatic arthritis, explaining the swelling issues, exhaustion, and pain. So, I am going to start the immune-suppressant, Tremfya. Tremfya has good indicators for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I am hopeful, cautiously hopeful; this might make a difference. The idea of not being in pain 24-7 is intoxicating. I need to remember to temper my hopes, so I am not crushed if this doesn’t work, like everything else.

So, I had more blood taken. I need to test for TB. I have an appointment to start the treatment on 9.25.2020.

So, I am stopping Invokana, which is a diabetes medication. However, I am still taking Metformin. I am having labs done in three months; if my sugars don’t spike, then woohoo! I will be off Metformin as well.

Then I rushed to the PCP. She is THRILLED with my labs. And she said the magic words, “Let’s start getting you off some medication.” YYYAAAASSSS!

I am also going off Lisinopril, which is a blood pressure medication. I am still taking hydrochlorothiazide. We chose to keep this med because of the diuretic effect it has. Again, we will see what happens with the next set of labs.

AND…She mentioned that if my labs keep improving, we will discuss going off some of the cholesterol medication. (I am grateful I made turkey chili yesterday!)

Oh yes, after I start the Tremfya, I will stop the Diclofenac Sodium. Hopefully, I will be able to stay off it.

Finally, the PCP is not very concerned about my liver enzymes. She says they are improving, and going off meds will help.

So, I am thrilled!!!

I hope you are doing as great as I am!!

LLC & Hazel

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