8.29.2020 Check-in

So, this week was pretty amazing. First, the biggest news of all, yes, I am still talking about my A1C. It is down to 5.7. I am seeing my doctor on Monday. I am hoping that I go off meds. There are some trouble spots in my labs. You can read all about it here if you want.

Next, I made my second weight goal again. Today, I am at 260.2 pounds. I am down 62.9 pounds down. I am pleased with my progress and how I feel. I can do far more than when I started.

Speaking of doing more, I went hiking for the first time since I started this journey. Let’s just say, the mountain kicked my ass! I almost made it to the turn-around, but the hips just said no. But, I am going to try that trail next month as well.

However, today I walked over 5 miles the Pittman Wash Trail. It is all a hill, and not easy to walk the whole thing. I didn’t walk the entire thing, but I made it from Pecos to Valle Verde without stopping and sitting. I also made a brief detour to the ATM at the shopping center next to my house. My pace is slightly faster than a tortoise with a broken leg (21.09), but I also stop and pet many doggos along the way.

Oh yeah. I also turned 52 this week. YAY!

SW 323
CW 260.2
GW 155-170

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