My Birthday Hike…

I am thrilled I went for a birthday hike for so many reasons. And I am glad I went alone because the adventure didn’t go quite as planned. (When do my adventures ever go as planned?)

I didn’t finish the whole trail, but I learned a lot.

I learned that driving up the Kyle Canyon road listening to Sarah Brightman is impressive. It is magical to hear some of her arias while watching the landscape change from desert to forest.

So, 84 degrees is relatively cool compared to 115 degrees; it is still warm–warmer than you think. But, I did learn that I can tie a long-sleeved shirt around my waist. See! —>

While Hazels love up, Lisas don’t. Okay, lurching 261 pounds up the side of the mountain is hard. I thought I was in much better shape.–I am not. Gravity is helpful coming down! Thank Mr. Newton. Oh, love your cookies, too.

Hearing the wind rustle through the trees is magical. Smelling the sagebrush is intoxicating. As much as I love my trail, being out of the city is soul renewing.

If you stop lurching up a mountain because your hips hurt, you are screwed. While gravity is helpful, you will still hurt like mudderfudder while walking down.

The trail is 1.7 miles one way. I made it over halfway. I hiked 1.2 miles before I had to turn around. But, I chose to do something active for my birthday. I walked my usual walk and then went for a hike. Five months ago, I never would or could have done it.

I will keep hiking. I love being in nature. Southern Nevada has access to some of the most beautiful areas. I want to experience the trails again.

So, today was a good day. It is a good birthday.

Hoping you are having a great day!
LLC & Hazel

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