Going Down…

Well, YAY! for me! My weight is going back in the downward direction. I lost 2.4 pounds yesterday. Yes, yes, it is mostly water. I don’t care. It is still 2.4 pounds back off me. So, I also crossed the 50-pound mark again. I have 10.8 pounds left to get me where I was. I am off to a pretty good start! YAY!

I also upped my daily step goal to 7,000. While four days a week, I usually surpass 10,000, on my slower days, I don’t. But I walked around my community, then on the trail to Wigwam, down Wigwam to Pecos, back around the neighborhood, did my arm weights, and back home. And I made the 7,000 steps. So, YAY! I will leave it there a bit until I gauge what I usually walk in a day. Then I will increase my step goal.

Since I had the theatre company staff meeting last night, I tried the FoodieFit Vegan Jambalaya. It was pretty good. I also learned about Right Rice. I think I might buy some. It uses lentils, chickpeas, and beetroot to add protein to rice and lower the carb count. In the jambalaya, it was pretty good.

I am not cutting carbs as much a limiting them. Since I am a diabetic, I want to make sure that I don’t eat things that spike my blood sugar.

This is me crossing my legs. And Hazel’s butt.

Well, I don’t have much else, other than I seem to be out of the fatigue and feel much better. Oh yeah! And the other day, I crossed my legs. Just crossed my legs like I always could. Just crossed them. Did I say I crossed my legs? Because I did! Someone was so tickled by my post in a group, she used my post in her vlog! Made my day!

I wish everyone a healthy day. And please remember to be kind…especially to yourself.

LLC & Hazel

2 thoughts on “Going Down…

  1. So good to hear you’re feeling better. I’m glad the FoddieFit tip was helpful, some of their food is really great. Looking forward to continue following your journey, it’s inspiring my friend. =)


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