Dismal Week. How was yours?

8.15.2020 268.2 Pounds
and Hazel with a disapproving glare.

This week was dismal with a few nice points but overall dismal. As you can see from the captioned photo, I gained 7 pounds. I am at 268.2. Not a rousing success. What went wrong, you ask? Everything…and Brunhilda, the saboteur. I am working on giving myself grace. I keep repeating Love, Patience, and Consistency. It is hard. It is very hard this week.

First, I am dealing with fatigue/exhaustion. This isn’t “oh just go to bed earlier” tired. This is an exhaustion that you have to manage and work through until whatever autoimmune issue decides to resolve. I have zero control over this. Zero. And it is so frustrating because I almost believed I was getting better.

Second, my joints are very swollen. My body hurts from head to toe. I started swelling, and my behaviors didn’t help. My not drinking enough water is part of the problem. We are in excessive heat warnings this week. Today, the high is around 115 degrees. This morning was 87 degrees at 5:30 am. This is some hot stuff, people. But with the exhaustion, I sleep and dehydrate.

Being exhausted, sore, and swelling, I also don’t feel like cooking. So, I have been ordering in. And making poor choices to boot.

But two of the excellent points are Kirk and Amy. Kirk read my blog about having some issues, and he texted me on Thursday and offered to meet me on the trail of 5:30 am Friday morning. I really hate to have people go out of their way for me, I almost said no. But, I accepted help. And he met me, and we walked from Pecos to Pebble Park and back.

Amy brought me over a gyro salad and some falafel last night. It was a relief not to cook. She also met me at 5:30 walked from Pecos to Green Valley Parkway to Wigwam and back to Pecos.

I am still exhausted. I will probably go take a nap after finishing this. But, I only walked three days this week, and I fell into bad habits of ordering food. I am now swollen, in a lot of pain, gained weight, and still exhausted. I am working to a handle on things again and moving forward. So, I will hold myself accountable daily by blogging how my day went and being honest about my food intake until I am back on track.

Also, I reached out to my doctor. I am getting blood tests done on the week of 8.24. I asked to have a CRP and RF test done with my other blood tests. This is to start down to the road once again for a definitive diagnosis as to the autoimmune issues I am having. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; however, with the onset of psoriasis, I wonder if something else is in play. These tests will show if Rheumatoid Arthritis or Psoriatic Arthritis is part of the issue. We will see.

This is all I have. Nothing great, but I am still here, and I am still trying.

4 thoughts on “Dismal Week. How was yours?

  1. I’m so sorry it’s been a hard week. It sounds as though doing everything is just too hard right now for good reasons. Maybe you could pick ONE (food, water, sleep, tracking, walking) and focus on keeping that going. Because instead of saying you ONLY walked 3 times this week, I read your post and saw that you are swollen, in pain, exhausted, and STILL walked 3 times. Which is awesome! In this horrible heat, please, please hydrate. We can both work on that. Rest and heal.

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  2. Every journey has bumps my friend, don’t let discouragement set in, you’re doing great. One bad week does not erase all the good you’ve been doing in order to get healthier. If you don’t feel like cooking and want a healthier option, I buy Foodie Fit. You could also buy and freeze it so it’ll be handy on days you don’t want to cook or can’t cook. Their website is http://www.foodiefit.com and they deliver too. Their Green Valley location is 2185 E Windmill Ln, Suite 200 and their phone number is 702 881-4311. They have many low carb options and their food is delicious. Hope this helps. Sending love, Thaisa.

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