Tough Week & Auto-Immunity Revolt

This has been a tough week, as I am in a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome episode. And I am exhausted. I managed to walk one day this week so far, and I am proud to have accomplished that. I tried to get up today, but I just could not get out of bed. I will admit, these are the times I start to fall away from the changes I am making and fall back into old bad habits.

I am wondering if there is any correlation between this fatigue spell and the psoriasis outbreak. I am noticing the rash on my right elbow as well, and I can feel the itch on the back of my neck. I put some of the cream on my neck this morning too.

I am giving myself the grace to give my body recovery time. I am trying to stick with good eating habits to see me through this hard time. If I feel better, I am going to try the treadmill in the workout room.

I have finished a massive project at work, so I hope that releasing that stress will help my body recover. I have a week and two days until I have five days off from work. I really need the time.

I am looking forward to a lot of naps.

I am also battling Brunhilda, my saboteur. It is so easy when I feel this poorly to grab fast food or order in something comforting (think deep-fried). I have some cauliflower. I am planning on making some soup and roast some for dinner.

Planning to sleep early tonight isn’t much of a plan, as I can barely keep my eyes open.
I feel very whiny today. But I guess this is part of the everyday life of me. There are some very whiny days.

Well, off to my office and my eight hours.

Wishing you peace and good health!

LLC & Hazel

4 thoughts on “Tough Week & Auto-Immunity Revolt

  1. I’m sorry it’s a tough week. I know my own psoriasis (and rosacea, too) flare up when I’m under stress and it sounds as though you have a lot on your plate right now. Maybe a cuddle with Hazel would help, if she allows that? My comfort food right now is frozen Evol Truffle Mac & Cheese, which just suits me to the ground. Cauliflower would never work for me – it’s never in my house – but if you like it, and it will help, then go for it. Be gentle with yourself and keep that elephant from taking over. You can do it!

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    1. Sadly, Hazel is not a cuddly kitty. In fact, when she tries, it is hysterically awkward. Oh! Truffle Mac & Cheese sounds wonderful. I love cauliflower. And I have a cooking blender, so making soup is a breeze. Everything goes in and poof, done. And I love roasted veggies. I also have broccoli and Brussels sprouts which I think I will add to it. Right now, it is all about ease and not thinking. And muddling through until I get in to see my doctors or start feeling better.

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  2. I don’t personally have experience with psoriasis, but guessing your flare up is stress related. You are working a lot! 🤗
    Love the name you have given your saboteur.
    Does it come from somewhere specific?
    Thank you for sharing your journey! You have made so much progress. 💜

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