8.8.2020 Check-in and HAZEL!!!

8.8.2020 261 pounds & Hazel!!!!!!

Whoa! What a week! First things first, yesterday, I made my second goal. This goal was 29 pounds. I weigh 261 pounds and down a total of 62 pounds. In keeping with my 10% goals, my next one is 26 pounds. Reaching this goal will bring me to 235 pounds (98 pounds off).

My final goal is between 170-155 pounds. I haven’t made that decision yet. I am leaning towards 155 for a variety of psychological reasons. Wherever I land, I will be healthy. My total weight loss will be between 153-168 pounds. I am almost to the halfway point.

Getting here was a shock. I was down with a migraine and didn’t walk for two days. I am thrilled. You can see my progress pictures here, including my goal shot wearing my fat pants.

Today, I also walked five miles (Pecos to Valle Verde and back). It was tough, and I won’t try it again until September. I am feeling much more confident about hiking through the tunnels to the dam in October.

And for the not so thrilling part, I found a psoriasis outbreak on my right elbow. It is much smaller than the outbreak on the left. But, I have medication, so that is happening.

I would love to hear how you are doing! It is so much easier when you are traveling this road with other people.

2 thoughts on “8.8.2020 Check-in and HAZEL!!!

  1. Great work, and congratulations on your goal achievement! Sorry to hear about your psoriasis. I am sure you will eventually reach the balance your body needs/can tolerate.

    Keep up the good work; I’m excited for your hike in October. I want you to know you have inspired me to start walking again. I am 6 days for 6 this week!


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