Love, Patience, & Consistency

Love, Patience, and Consistency is my mantra as I travel this long path towards better health. Every morning, when I step on that scale, I remind myself, Love, Patience, and Consistency.

LOVE-You can’t get a body you love through hate. I am learning to love me, and it is a complicated process. I look at myself daily and tell myself, “I love you.” When the horrid, judgmental voice in my head starts putting me down, I stop it. I change what I say.

I love my body, and because I love my body, I am making changes to be healthier. My health issues were warning signs that I ignored. Now, I am working to correct them. Losing weight is just one of the many things I am doing because I love myself.

I am also working towards making some significant changes in my life. I am actually excited about many things in my life. And I am making plans. I feel happy. It is odd in this time of unrest and sickness to feel happy. But I am.

PATIENCE-This is a life-long path for me. I know what I need to do. What I should do. And I know that sometimes I won’t. Progress and not Perfection is the goal. Keep moving forward. I know sometimes my love of ice cream will win out and a pint will go down. But it is a choice. No regrets. Move forward. This also goes for melted cheese and fried foods. But this evening, I was craving ooey-gooey; instead, I made roasted cauliflower with garlic and parm. Not the same, but moving forward.

CONSISTENCY-Me being consistent in my behaviors that will help me be healthier. See above on that. But the more consistent I am, the more weight I will lose—also, better A1C, cholesterol, liver, and kidney functions.

LOVE, PATIENCE, and CONSISTENCY will also help me face any new roadblocks my life throws my way. Regardless of what happens, loving myself, being patient with myself, and maintaining consistent healthy behaviors will get me through.

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