Cha Cha Changes…

It was 5 am this morning when I stepped on the scale. The numbers settled. 269.1 pounds. I broke 270! It took three weeks, which is actually very fast. However, it seemed like forever. I am working very hard on the patience thing. Patience has never been my strong suit.

I am down a total of 53.9 pounds down. I am elated, over the moon, and also a little overwhelmed. It has been almost a decade since I weighed this. This is a WOW moment in my world.

I notice little changes. While I still have a double chin, I also have a jawline. I can see my collarbones starting to peek out. My cheekbones have arrived! I can feel muscles under this layer of fat. I stand, and my knees don’t hurt. I can bend over and tie my shoes. I can click the seatbelt without moving to the side. I had to move my car seat forward because my butt is smaller. I am starting to feel my ribs.

I have a ways to go still, but as I said before, this seems doable.

Other changes. I am back to a not-so-solid final goal. Right now, I want to reduce to 150-170 pounds. (If I stop at 170, I have under 100 pounds to go!) I am giving myself the grace to decide when I get there vs. forcing myself to a hard number and feeling like I fail.

My final change is my check-in day is moving to Saturday. This will give me the time to weigh-in, walk, get coffee, sit, and write a thoughtful blog on the week vs. cranking something out before work.

2 thoughts on “Cha Cha Changes…

  1. Well done! I’m excited for you, and I want you to know that I find your work and your story very motivating. Thank you for being so honest and brave about sharing!


    1. Thank you! And thank you for reading. I am glad you find my blog helpful. It makes me happy that helps someone.

      To be very honest, there are times I am petrified by my posts. But, I decided that I wouldn’t let anyone shame me about my weight. Not even myself. So, out in the open it goes.


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