Check-in Day 7.17.2020

270.2 pounds

Friday! Check-in day! YAY? Yes, YAY! I am down 1.8 lbs this week. AND I am in single digits towards my next goal of 261. I am down a total of 52.8 pounds. If you want to see my progress, check out my Progress!! page. I really feel that I can do this. Patience, Love, and Consistency is my path to reaching my final goal of 170 pounds. Right now, I am the lowest I have been in a decade. I am also the healthiest and happiest. Oh! Aren’t these pants just FAB? I love them. And today’s picture has Hazel!

SW 323
CW 270.2
Goal 153(?)

Acknowledging the not so great in my world. This was a tough week. I had lots of reporting due at work. So, there were many late nights and weekend work. I had two horrible bouts of swelling, last night being one of them. I am tracking my food, exercise, hydration, and bodily functions to see if there is some rhyme or reason for the swelling.

Most importantly, I was reminded of my privilege, for which I am grateful. While I know that I am a very privileged person, sometimes I don’t check myself and look beyond my own lived experience. I am thankful for the reminder. So, I am still reading and researching. I will rewrite the BMI blog this weekend.

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