Check-In Day 7.10.2020

272 pounds

There were so many things that happened this week, some great and some not so great. Stepping in the scale, my weight is 272 pounds. I am down 51 pounds! Yes! I broke the 50-pound mark! Celebrate good times! Come on! I am so very excited. You can check out my progress here!

And as you can tell, I got new glasses. So very excited that I can see again. YAY! I love them. They are just a little funky and fun. Kinda like me!

I am thinking about doing something crazy. I am going to take some certification classes in wellness and nutrition. I have a vague idea of what I can do with it. It is mainly going to help me make better decisions about my health and help my friends and family.

On the not-so-good side, I was sick for two days. I made spare ribs in the slow cooker, and my body did not like that one bit. Rich, saucy foods are out of the bounds. I walked on Wednesday but didn’t yesterday or today. My body needs time to rest and heal. I am planning to walk tomorrow. The sad news is that we are in an excessive heat warning. It will be hard walk.

2 thoughts on “Check-In Day 7.10.2020

  1. Congrats on breaking 50 lbs! There’s something psychologically powerful about getting past a big number like that. Please be very careful in your walking in this horrible heat. Go in the cool of the day if you can, bring water, pace yourself, and don’t push too hard. We’re in this for the long haul. Looking forward to learning about your certification process!


    1. Thanks, Anne! I am really excited about breaking 50. You are so right. It makes the 120 pounds I still am looking to lose feel doable. On to 75!

      I walk at 5 am in the summer. It is the only time that is bearable in Vegas. I do bring water and drink Gatorade after.

      The certification process will be interesting if nothing else.


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