Thoughts, Ideas, Something New??

My body battles so many issues I could have avoided if I just took care of myself. I say this as I have been dealing with an IBS flare-up for the last two days. I am finally feeling better, but I am exhausted.

Between naps and bathroom runs, I think I have made a decision. I think I am going to take nutrition and fitness certification classes next year. I am not secure enough to say I am going to quit my job and do this full-time. However, I think this will help me with my long-term health goals. And help me be better to myself. I am tired of getting bombarded with suggestions and tips from people, and so many are just plain BS. So, more information will make me a better steward of my body.

Also, I am thinking about writing something on radical self-care and weight loss. Who knows, maybe this blog will become something more. So, I have ordered some books. I am going to add some nightly reading to my routine. And you, my friends, can learn all about it.

Wishing you all better health!


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