Come From Love

So, a couple things. First, I am not going to pumping out blog posts daily. When I have something to say, or a recipe comes out delicious, I will post. If I don’t, I will not pressure myself to “create content” because this is not the purpose of my site.

What is the purpose of my site? Free therapy. And also, I hope others can see themselves in my journey and find some encouragement.

And speaking of encouragement, here is what I want to say tonight. Most people approach a health/weight loss journey from a place of hate. “I hate my thighs.” “I hate how I look.” “I hate my body.” I really believe this is why so many “diets” or “healthy lifestyle” programs fail. Hate has a timeline. Hate expects failure. Hate focuses on the negative.

credit: hallmark.com

Instead, come at this from a place of love. “I love myself, so I am going to measure my food.” “I love myself, so I will make this one small change.” “I love myself, so I am going to take a walk around the block.” “I love myself, so I will keep trying.”

Love has no timeline. Love gives you the grace to succeed and to fail. Love celebrates the positive in you.

If you hear that inner-voice tearing you down, give yourself a reframe. You are worthy of love, just as you are. So, start your journey with love.

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