I admit I celebrate everything. Yesterday, I texted a friend that I could put on the seat belt without leaning to the left to find the buckle. It may not really sound like much, but it was actually a monumental moment. It means that I finally fit into the world again. (Of course, there isn’t much of the world to fit into now, but when there is, I do.)

I am celebrating that I cleaned out another bag of clothes that are too big.

I am celebrating that I have my financial plan written down.

I am celebrating that I walked the first section of my “very long walk.” I can’t do the whole thing–yet. But I will in time and when my body is ready.

Now, I am not one of those people who only focuses only on the positive. (No one would ever accuse me of that.) I know that life can be hard. Life can just plain suck at times. I will never diminish the hard times or the negative things that happen in life. They are real. And we need to navigate our way through those times.

But I will argue that life doesn’t completely suck. It is easy to focus on the sucky things. However, even through the worst of times, if you search, you can find small things to celebrate. During these times, I will also say that finding small celebrations can help get you through to the other side.

And when facing a long journey full of ups and downs, finding small celebrations keeps me going. I celebrate every 10 pounds. I celebrate doing a good workout. I celebrate drinking all my water. I celebrate EVERYTHING!

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