Check-In Day 7.3.2020

276.9 pounds

Yay! It is Friday. I am at 276.9 pounds. I lost 46.1 pounds and have 15.9 to go towards my current goal. If you want to see the full progression, visit my Progress!! page.

And with all my bitchin’ and moanin’ about my body throwing a temper tantrum, I lost .9 pounds from last week. However, I decided to post what my weight flux was the previous week. It was a little bit of a tantrum. But, as I maintain my healthy habits, things settle down.

I will say, gaining two pounds overnight is very painful. I mean physically painful. My joints swell, and it is difficult to walk or even hold things. I am very grateful that the swelling is down.

Today is a holiday weekend. For me, I am not planning anything special. I am going to try a new recipe tonight. I am doing some organizing in my house. I am going to visit the gym in my complex. We have hand weights there. So, I am going to start doing some upper-body work. Nothing strenuous, but hopefully enough to help the wings under my arms.

Hazel and I wish you wonderful times with your family, safety, and good health.

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