Self-Care Leads to Caring for Myself

I know everyone is thinking, “Duh, self-care Lisa.” But work with me here. In practicing radical self-care, I began caring for myself. Once I began caring for myself, I started taking care of myself.

credit: hallmark.com

I started this journey with weight loss as the goal. It wasn’t necessarily about getting healthy. (By the time I started this site, my point-of-view changed.) I began by joining Noom. What I read was pretty much information I already knew. The idea that nothing was off-limits was refreshing. The push to “eat clean” also fit into my self-image. But, Noom also pushed variety. With the COVID outbreak, I needed to find a way to limit my going out, so I started with Imperfect Food boxes. And I began to get all kinds of fresh produce, and the culinary experimentation commenced.

After eating better for a while, then I started walking. I love to walk. I am looking forward to long walks and hikes when my body is ready.

Then I read an article on radical self-acceptance. Loving myself exactly as I am–a powerful message. And it sparked a change in my point-of-view. Suddenly, this journey was no longer about weight loss; it became about practicing radical self-care.

I started telling myself that I love myself. I stand naked in front of the mirror and look at myself very carefully. I tell myself, “I love you” every morning. As I lotion myself, I thank my body for supporting me.

I started losing weight. Going to the doctor wasn’t a chore. I was excited to see how the changes I made reflected in my health. The changes were incredible.

I went off Noom and started my own program based on caring for myself. I have goals, but no timelines. I correct unhealthy thinking that starts pressuring me to lose weight. I am consistent with my healthy behaviors. And if I splurge on something, zero recriminations. I made a choice. And it is okay.

But once I started to love myself, then making other changes wasn’t a big deal. Now, I am buying clothes that fit. They aren’t the fanciest clothes. Okay, they are cheap, but they fit. I am no longer wearing shapeless muumuus. I know I am still fat, but I don’t feel I need to hide.
I cut my hair. I finally made an appointment with the eye doctor. (Yes, new glasses are coming!) I am also washing my face with face stuff. I am using moisturize on my face. (Don’t expect make-up and hair curling.)

Like I said, once I started some self-care, I began caring for myself. And when I started caring for myself, I began taking care of myself.

I invite you to try on a little radical self-care. You never know what incredible changes it will bring into your life.

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