Unpacking a Little Bit of the Journey

Last night I wrote about my body throwing a temper tantrum, and that I will approach this tantrum with patience, consistency, and love. I want to unpack this a little bit.

At 278 pounds, there is no question that I need to lose weight. But when you have 125 pounds left to lose, I think focusing solely on weight loss is a big mistake. Setting timelines and expectations will most likely lead to disappointment. The losses and gains that happen all the time will be maddening. Ultimately, you will be frustrated with the pace of your loss, and if you are like me, you will start being unkind to yourself. This could be “going off the rails” and not making healthy eating choices or berating yourself.

Instead, when your body decides to throw a temper tantrum, continue your healthy behaviors. Your body will settle down, and the weight will start coming off.

My healthy behaviors include weighing, measuring, and logging my food every day–even on “off the rails” days. They also include walking or moving my body consistently. I don’t have to make a certain number of steps or miles. I weigh myself and log it daily. It tells a clearer picture than just taking my weight once a week and posting it. If I just do that, then I don’t see the body throwing a tantrum. I just see my weight going down, and I feel miserable. But knowing I gained three pounds overnight, it helps explain why I don’t feel well.

Patience, consistency, and love are some of the most powerful gifts we can give. I invite you to grant yourself these gifts. You will find that the long journey we find ourselves on is a lot easier and often fun.

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