This and That and Not Much in Between

I don’t have anything much rattling in my head right now. I just started back to work after a week of annual leave. I am tired. So, tonight’s blog is just a little of this and that…

Self-worth is an on-going issue for me. I believe it is a significant factor in my weight issues. So, I did a little thing for me. On FB, I saw this ring. So, I bought it for myself. I little reminder that I am enough just as I am.

My body has decided that 280 is a happy weight. I will lose two pounds, gain three or four, then lose three all in one week. But I keep rising back up to 280/281. This is okay—my body has the right to be resistant. I lost 40 pounds in three months, that is HUGE. I have spent over a decade being over 300 pounds, so right now, consistency, patience, and love is the key. My body will work its way through this temper tantrum.

Finally, someone on a Zoom call noticed I cut my hair and lost weight. It makes me happy that even over video chats, my body transformation is noticeable.

Now, to feed the ruler of the house, Hazel, and make me some dinner. Have a great night all.

Remember to be kind–especially to yourself.

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