Who needs enemies when I have me.

The old sayings are “with friends like this, who needs enemies” and “I am my own worst enemy.” Everyone has an inner voice. Mine is a very mean person, not to other people, but to me. This is the voice that tells me I am not worthy. Not worthy of what? Just about anything.

If I make a mistake, the voice is there to berate me…for days. I am fat, ugly, worthless, and unloveable. This is the voice that questions the motives of men who are kind or show interest in me. Or says how stupid I am if I think someone might really be interested. It is the voice that says that it is better to be fat than to be noticed and that it is better to reject people first than be vulnerable and hurt.

If anyone came to me and told me that their partner said some of the things I say to myself, I would say they deserve someone who treats them better. No-one needs to live with abuse.
But here I am, verbally and emotionally abusing myself. It isn’t as if I can leave me and find another me. So, I am working on changing what my voice says to me.

Credit: hallmark.com

This is why when I look at myself, I tell myself that I love me. As I lotion my skin, I tell myself that each body part I touch is beautiful. I am taking care of myself because I deserve it. I am worthy of good health. I am worthy of my beautiful friends. I am worthy of the good things in my life. And I am worthy of love, so I will love myself.

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