6.26.2020 Weekly Check-in

OMG! I lost almost two pounds! This is amazing. I am 277.8 pounds, and my BMI is 44.7. I have lost a total of 45.2 pounds since 2.29.2020. I am so pleased with the changes that are happening with my body.

This week was very difficult. My body decided to go haywire. I swelled up like a balloon, and my elbow hosted an eczema break out. Oh yeah, the hip went out, AND the chronic fatigue kicked in again. I gained four pounds. But in the end, I lost five.

I managed to stay on track food-wise. My walking averaged about 7,000 steps. This week, I am attempting to add on upper body exercises. Again.

Five years ago, I lost 50 pounds. I was down to 273.5 pounds. I am getting very close to where I was. This time, it is more about health than anything. The weight, mobility, and activity are very happy side effects.

I have decided that when it cools down, my first hike is going to be the tunnels at Lake Mead, and hopefully, to the dam. It is a long hike, but not a very strenuous one. I am excited and looking forward to slowly starting hiking again. I miss my hikes.

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