Last night…I touched myself

Not like that…pervs!

Last night, I explored my body in a radical self-care way. I felt the changes my body is going through, and I celebrated them.

I started with my face. My cheeks are starting to hollow, and my cheekbones are starting to appear. I have a jawline.

My neck and jaw are separate, and lines around my nose and mouth are beginning to appear. There is a small indentation where my neck and chest connect. I can feel my clavicles.

I can feel the muscles under the fat on my upper arms. I have wings where my triceps should be. And the little bump on my wrist is beginning to show. I can feel the tendons in my hands and the joints in my fingers.

I can feel the skeletal structure of my chest, and on my sides where my breasts start, I can feel ribs. The soft, smooshy fat that covers my abdomen is looser, and I can feel the stretch marks. I CAN FEEL MY HIP BONES!

My thighs are getting tighter, I can feel the muscles under the fat. My calves are lean, and the muscle very defined. I HAVE ANKLES! I can feel the bones, and swelling is down. My feet are leaner.

This is my body. This body has carried me through years of abuse, trauma, pain, and sorrow. It has also celebrated my joys, triumphs, and victories.

This is MY body, and I love it.

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