On Track and Changing Things Up

I really don’t have much to say today. My weight is going back down. So, I am getting back on track. Yay! I am down to 25% of my goal again.

I am making Chili Adovada for dinner. The house is starting to smell wonderful. I love the aroma of New Mexico chilis and garlic. It also freezes well.

I left Noom this week because the articles weren’t working for me anymore. I found more support in FB groups than through their groups. But, here are my takeaways.

1) Weight loss is about fewer calories going in than going out.
2) Food measuring and logging is a thing in my world. I am getting better at figuring portions.
3) Stop denying myself food. Include them in my food plan.
4) Fruits and veggies are good. Meats and grains are okay. Cheeses and fats are necessary but need to be controlled.
5) Movement is good. I don’t have to kill myself to lose weight.
6) Mental is 90% of weight loss. This is why I talk about stuff here.
7) I need to make friends with my inner saboteur and the rampaging elephant that occasionally come crashing through my life.
8) Reading about self-care is essential. Fitbit has some plans to help change how I eat. I am working on there.
9) Radical self-care is a thing. Meditation is good for my mind and soul. I need to make more time for it.

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